About The Right Stage

THE RIGHT STAGE remodels homes, provides remodeling and finish-out for commercial spaces, and builds homes, additions, garages, and accessory dwelling units. We maintain relationships with dozens of local contractors, suppliers, service providers, and interior designers that can bring in specialty services to meet our client’s needs at attractive price points.

One of our favorite client quotes is “I can recognize beauty when I see it, but I don’t know how to create it.” We partner with our clients to create the beauty and functionality they want for their home or business. For our residential clients, this means a place they look forward to go home to, a place where they feel at peace and find joy in welcoming family and friends. For our commercial clients, this means creating a pleasant and productive workplace for their staff, and a professionally sharp environment where they can show their best to their own customers. For all our clients, our goal is to understand their goals. We meet people where they are at in terms of budget, family, workstyle and lifestyle, provide full turnkey services from design through construction, ensuring our customers receive the greatest value for their investment. No matter what stage you are at in your life or work, THE RIGHT STAGE will partner with you to create an environment that fits and works for you, your family, your company.

Our business is built on relationship.

Our reputation is built on quality and customer service.

Our clients include homeowners, businesses, real estate agents, and builders.

Shaniko Diaz

Shaniko brings 25 years of experience in business operations, a personal passion for aesthetic in home and commercial spaces, and a love for people, place and quality into his work with THE RIGHT STAGE. After over two decades of dedication to a career in supply chain operations and logistics spanning the US, Brazil, and Venezuela, Shaniko found that he could apply his knowledge, skills and abilities to a company of his own. Starting with rental properties and staging, THE RIGHT STAGE quickly shifted focus to engage subcontractors for major remodeling projects and building construction for the residential and commercial sectors. What has remained true through the growth of THE RIGHT STAGE is Shaniko’s commitment to people, both clients and contractors, and the quality of work the company provides.


Annemarie Diaz

Annemarie oversees business planning, growth and technology functions. Her career began in engineering, energy, and policy, eventually transitioning into business and corporate strategy. She enjoys working with the TRS team to ensure clients continue to receive the personal attention they deserve, while bringing additional business to the contractor base that makes THE RIGHT STAGE possible.

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What We Care About

THE RIGHT STAGE meets clients where they are at in terms of their budget, goals, and work or lifestyle, provide consulting on which improvements will bring the most value to their home or business, and see the work through to completion and client satisfaction.

THE RIGHT STAGE values doing unto others as you would have them do unto you. When we first got into this industry we listened to our clients describe past experiences with other building professionals, experiences that included poor communication, late delivery, not showing up on job site, not taking care if the client is unsatisfied. We also listened to our sub-contractors and their experiences, experiences that included not being paid on time, or not getting paid at all, being asked to do additional work without compensation. We decided our company was going to be about customer service, and treating both our clients and sub-contractors with respect, providing quality design, remodeling, and building services at attractive price points, and an unsurpassed customer experience.